‘World’s Hairiest Girl’ Shaves Her Face To Reveal Her True Beauty After Finding Love


‘World’s Hairiest Girl’ Shaves Her Face To Reveal Her True Beauty After Finding Love

Being a woman is incredibly difficult. There is a shockingly large segment of society that sees no problem with criticizing women for their personal appearance. They are expected to look a certain way and carry themselves in a certain manner. When they do not, people tend to be far more vocal about their deviance from the norm than what is truly necessary.

Take the woman in this story, for instance. Supatra hails from Thailand and unlike most women, she has the ability to grow a sizable amount of facial hair. Ambras Syndrome is the catalyst for her facial hair growth. Because of this condition, she has been named the hairiest woman on the planet. Even the Guinness Book of World Records concurs on the matter (and they would know!)

From the child that their child was born, her parents knew that she was going to experience certain struggles. She was eventually nicknamed “Natty” and Natty’s parents were concerned about the bullying that she was likely to experience. Since her condition is incredibly rare, it is not as if people could be blamed if they decided to stop and take a closer look.

Laser hair removal does not offer her any solace. Even if the lasers are able to remove the hair in the moment, it grows back almost immediately. For Supatra’s part, she was not about to let the condition stop her from living her best life. She embraced her condition and didn’t allow anyone to take away her awesome sense of self.

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