Visiting Palpa Community Homestay // Lumbini to Pokhara Nepal


After our spiritual experience in Lumbini, visiting the birthplace of Buddha it was back on the road to Pokhara. The drive to Pokhara is long and winding, but our stop to Palpa Community Homestay on the way to Pokhara was worth the drive!

Situated in Tānsen, Nepal, the Palpa Community Homestays are the perfect opportunity to experience Newar culture. We were warmly greeted by the Palpa Community Homestay committee and then were welcomed into the homes of the community members and fed a delicious meal! There are 6 homestays in the Palpa Community Homestay community and not only do they help enrich the tourist experience, but they increase income for community members. So if you are looking for a wonderfully welcoming local experience staying at Palpa Community Homestay is a perfect idea!

Come along with me as we make our way to Pokhara via a stop in Tānsen to visit the Palpa Community Homestay!

*Thank you Nepal Tourism Board and the Pacific Asia Travel Association for sponsoring my trip!*

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