Vietnam Easy Rider Tour – 6 Days Dalat to Hoi An


In February 2017, my friend and I went on a 6 day tour with Mr Hung and Binh from Dalat Easy Riders. We rode from Dalat to Hoi An.

“The 6 day motorbike tour from Dalat to Hoi An with Mr Hung and Binh from Dalat Easy Riders was the highlight of my time in Vietnam. It really showed me the spirit of the country, and made me fall in love with its people, places, and ways.

In many ways, my friend Sarah and I felt that the best moments of this trip were the small things that could not be captured on film. Like the little boy on his bike who blew me a kiss, making us all laugh. Or the little kids towing a puppy around their front yard on a wooden cart. Or the many times when everyone in the restaurant would end up laughing because Mr Hung cracked himself up with his contagious laugh after saying something funny. Or the counting of how many animals crossed the road in front of us. Or the frenzy of giggling teenagers when Mr Hung told them Sarah and I were movie stars. Or the huge smiles from a very lovely man in the K’Tu village who insisted on proudly showing us every item in his very clean house. Or the “WTF” looks from locals riding high up on a jungle mountain pass when they turned the corner to see 2 Australian girls casually walking down the road (no drivers in sight), hours from any town. And the list goes on.

I feel like I got to experience “the real Vietnam”, as Mr Hung calls it. In most places we visited, Mr Hung would tell us “There’s no tourists here… only 2 Australians”. And he was right. He showed us how the country ticks. He stopped at what looked like just a house, and would usher us in to meet the owners, then show us a factory of some sort running in it’s back rooms or yard. It felt like an honour to be there, witnessing this beautiful place, it’s people, it’s customs, and it’s stunning scenery… to be part of this fascinating land.”
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To contact Mr Hung from Dalat Easy Riders, please contact Mr Hung is based in Dalat, Vietnam, but has been doing tours all over Vietnam for over 23 years. “Do it do it do it” as he so cheerily says. If you would like more details about the trip I went on, please feel free to contact me on

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