Tourist Area, Hospital, Contemporary Apartments and more! Cities: Skylines // Verville EP 7


About this episode:

We are building a looooot of things this time. We start with a tourist area, right next to what we built last time. The area consists of a somewhat historical hotel and a few more modern buildings. Secondly, our citizens really needed medical services, therefore we develop hospital facilities at edge of the suburb. After plopping down some random buildings to fill in gaps, we lastly create a residential area with really nice looking contemporary apartments.

About the series:

The topic of this series is about creating a quite extensive city-/landscape representing an area somewhere in Central Europe. We start with some smaller villages, located in the valleys of the map and from there we slowly start to work round to the “capital city “. The reason for this approach is quite simple. Since this is only my fourth city in Cities: Skylines, I still need improve my skills quite drastically, especially regarding to what other CS-Youtubers put out there.

The environment we try to represent is strongly influenced by Switzerland, since that’s what I’m most familiar with. Therefore, we’ll need to provide a conclusive mass transit system, with a massive central station in the (not so) near future. We also need to pay attention to the strict policies about preserving the historical townscape.

Author’s comment:

You probably noticed, that I squeezed a, lot of content in this single episode. The reason for that is, that I’d really like to start with “Verville” (the main city of this series) not later than episode 10. From then on, out progress will be significantly slower, since it’s gonna be much more detailed. Looking forward to read your comments!


Special thanks to my friend Andrin Rehmann who created the intro part, as well as my profil picture. Check out his amazing work:

I’d also like to thank Zenstep for letting me use his awesome music! The intro song is called: Helo
You can follow his work on facebook, soundcloud and co:

Also thanks to all those asset creators out there. What you provide for us CS-players is just unbelievable!


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  1. Jokumuu nykänen 13 August, 2020 at 14:49 Reply

    First episodes you practise still ( sorry to say ) but last one,episode 6 and this episode is true art ! Love it

  2. TheEnerger 13 August, 2020 at 14:49 Reply

    Love to see the city growing and nice buses too and public transport, never seen those buses with a trailer, I would need them for my german city build
    You know maby whats the name of their assets?

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