Thành phố Seoul đẹp như thế nào | Du lịch Hàn Quốc tự túc 01


Thành phố Seoul đẹp như thế nào | Du lịch Hàn Quốc tự túc 01
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Hey guys,

Well, It started out as a simple trip. I wanted a solo (for the most part) backpacking trip: bare bones, no frills, just me and the sense of wonder that comes with being somewhere completely different. Not the kind of trip immortalized in novels and movies, some coming-of-age journey of self-discovery. I’ve learned a lot over the short trip. I am grateful to finally meet my soulmate @JaesunLee after over 10 years in Seoul we couldn’t be in touch and I’ve made many lovely friends/backpackers/Korean with @DeegiiSaina @Khongorzul @MegumiOgawa @Lorraine @MiJi. I @voleanhdao would like to especially thank the Vietnamese International Students at Chung-Ang University, @CongMinh @SauKeo @TrangTrang for your help and time; as well as to my very big brother @NguyenHoangLong, I truly appreciate your kindness and support.

Forever love you all!

Ok, let’s start my journey with “[Du Lịch Hàn Quốc] Một mình ở Seoul | Di chuyển từ sân bay Incheon về Seoul Station | P1”.

Almost all international flights land at Incheon International Airport. There are several ways to get to downtown Seoul from Incheon, I used the subway to go to Seoul Station to get to my Airbnb accommodation. Check it out, check it out


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