Nace Gurung Male 2


This is an interview (with basic questions/prompts asked by the project lead Dr. Kristine Hildebrandt in an admittedly bad mix of Nepali & Gurung). The main speaker is Mr. Mangal Bahadur Gurung, a native resident of Nace village, Manang District Nepal. Nr. Gurung is a mother-tongue speaker of Gurung. Here, he provides some history of the fhistory of Nace, as well as some very brief descriptive commentary of the local surrounds.

This video was recorded on July 27 2012 in Nace village. The video was recorded by Dr. Shunfu Hu. The sub-titles were added by Cassidy Jacobson using Microsoft Video Editor.


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  1. Ma Nabhana 7 August, 2020 at 14:48 Reply

    Yo buba lai kunai kura thaha chaina. Suneko re bhanney maatra thaha cha tara yanha kanya bhikchuni lai 2100 saya barsha bhanda pani pahila dekhi maandai ayeko cha. Buddha Purnima ma puja garchan.

  2. chongtamu 7 August, 2020 at 14:48 Reply

    Wow krishtine you doing great job……. it was so glad to see our people n village n also know about the history of our village…..once again thank u so much n the way u speak gurung wow sound great……

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