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Travel video about destination Mekong Delta Vietnam in Vietnam.
With its small canals and wide creeks, the Mekong Delta in South Vietnam is as multifaceted and contradictory as the country itself. Covering thirty nine thousand square kilometres it is the third largest delta in the world.My Tho is one of the delta’s most charming cities and an area with a long and colourful history. It was the Chinese who first settled in this area in 1697 and who were responsible for the subsequent historical development of My Tho. Most of the smaller islands in the Mekong Delta contain fertile soil thus over the years the delta has developed into an agricultural area Today around twenty two million people live in Nam Bo of which the huge Mekong Delta is at the very heart. In the wider sections of the Mekong, that is also known as The Nine-Headed Dragon Of Cuu Long, ferries operate from bank to bank. Large ferries cross the Song Hau Giang, the most southern creek of the Mekong whose source is in Tibet, some four thousand kilometres distant. Situated at the central junction of seven canals is the floating market of Phung Hiep, an intriguing experience. The colourful antics of the various market traders is particularly Fascinating and it is not surprising that this market is one of the most photographed locations in South Vietnam. In search of hungry customers, tiny floating restaurants make their way between the various busy market traders. The Mekong Delta – colourful, exotic, fascinating – and always a surprise!

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  1. Ht Nghĩa 29 June, 2020 at 07:33 Reply

    Do you see the Honda DreamII, Dream exces and Honda Cub cars that were only for the rich in Vietnam in the 90s and the poor just walking, bicycle rickshaw is the main vehicle

  2. Baria Doly 29 June, 2020 at 07:33 Reply

    Founded by Chinese it says. Because this clip is made or influenced by China an insult to Vietnamese. The clip made in the time of Obama's reign

  3. Thiện An Nguyên 29 June, 2020 at 07:33 Reply

    Quý khách spannish japan , ấn đô , khi qua Việt Nam du lịch , tham quan
    Người lao động chúng tôi được trả luông rất thấp , đủ sống nuôi gia đình , cho con ăn học là nhờ vào tiền phục ( tiền típ ) nhưng quý khách không cho hoặc không trả % theo phí dịch vụ cho người lao động chúng tôi nên gia đình ly tán , vợ chồng gây gỗ , con cái thiếu ăn trong nhà thiếu truóc hụt sau , nợ nần chồng chất
    Nên người lao động chúng tôi đang nản

  4. Baria Doly 29 June, 2020 at 07:33 Reply

    This Expoza travel narrating is poor researched document and misleading to the public wrong in local and Vietnamese history , Place's names were in Chinese likes. It is an insult to the Vietnamese. Look in to Google Earth to see thousands of man made canals covered the whole region. Cultivated for many hundreds years and the Expoza says the land was not habitat until lately. Such a lie. Expoza should make an apologise

  5. Emma V 29 June, 2020 at 07:33 Reply

    I just went back to Vietnam to visit some family, but I didn't get to visit several of these places. Next time for sure!

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