Lockdown: Vegetarian Malaysian Dishes Don’t Exist… Or Do they? | Kuala Lumpur Food Tour Vlog, 1/2


PART 1 OF 2: Last week we challenged ourselves to spend ONE day trying to find vegetarian versions of all the classic dishes you’ll find in Malaysia.

The challenge being a number of these dishes revolve around meat or fish.

We tried to keep it within the Malaysian cuisine not straying too close to other influences, we did it on a Monday and during lockdown which doesn’t make it easy. We’re aware there is a mix of cultures so these may overlap slightly – but the food in Malaysia is INCREDIBLE and the diversity of cultures makes it even better.

Again this is only in ONE day – one we were absolutely gutted about missing was the Nasi Dagang breakfast (this place was closed). Are these all Malay dishes?

What’s our favourite veggie dish? Probably Nasi Campur from Sweet Veggie, KL or Ninety Six Vegetarian in Ipoh.

Part 2 coming soon.

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