Lim Chu Kang farmer dares time and fate


Evelyn Eng-Lim and her husband, Lim Tian Soo, who gave up their comfortable city life to pursue a path less travelled, starting an organic farm which they named GreenCircle Eco-Farm.

Just like a real forest, a food forest has multiple layers, ranging from tall trees, down to the root crops. In Evelyn’s food forest, moringa, papaya and mulberry trees form the top layer, with ladies’ finger (okra) and bayam (Amaranth) forming the bush and ground cover layers. Long bean vines climb on the trees for support, while ginger make use of the underground space.

Having different plants not only leads to the more efficient use of vertical space, but can serve to complement each other. Evelyn’s pepper plants, for example, only started to bear fruit when a tree was planted next to them.


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