Lee Hyori says husband Lee Sang Soon had to clean Girls' Generation Yuri's barf?


Lee Hyori revealed her husband Lee Sang Soon had to clean up after Girls’ Generation’s Yuri.SEE ALSO: [RECAP] Identity LA 2018 and Exclusive Interview with Headliner Hotel Garuda Lee Hyori featured as a guest on the May 29th installment of JTBC’s ‘Kim Jae Dong’s Talk to You 2 – Happy You’ with hosts Kim Jae Dong, Yuri, and singer-songwriter Paul Kim, and as the first guest of season 2, she did not disappoint. She revealed, “To be honest, Yuri slept over my house the other day.”She continued, “We drank a 50% alcohol gaoliang wine together, and Yuri really suffered. I cleaned everything up. Yuri has a habit of checking on food she’s already eaten when she’s drunk. Lee Sang Soon is currently cleaning the blankets.”Are you surprised to hear Yuri and Lee Hyori are that close? Lee HyoriGirls’ GenerationYuriLee Sang Soon

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