Lee Hyori Chooses This Idol As The “Next Lee Hyori”


Lee Hyori revealed who she thinks can become the next Lee Hyori during the showcase for her new album, “BLACK”.

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  1. truth finder 10 July, 2020 at 22:41 Reply

    IU can't become hyori.. She's alot different from hyori. IU shouldn't even try to be like hyori, bc IU is best the way She's right now, being like hyori into sexiness and hot bold stuff, is just won't go with her personality. She'll ruin her personality if she will even try to do such stuff

  2. Thisha Ho 10 July, 2020 at 22:41 Reply

    honestly Lee Hyori is even until today a huge Icon. I think, that will never change. IU is great, also an Icon of her era but don't know if in 20 years she will still be viewed this way, you know? Lee Hyori did so much outside of music, she was in variety, hosted her own shows and such. IU focuses a lot on her music, which is how it should be as a singer haha and is in a drama once in a while but is she a potential timeless Icon? I don't think so. I think maybe in 20 years, she too will fade away from the screen, like Yoon Eun Hye and other singers. But who knows, maybe I'm wrong and she'll make it huge!
    And I looooove MAMAMOO. This generation's kpop idols don't leave any great impression in the industry, in my opinion, not like how the first, second and even third generation kpop idols did. As my favourite groups started to disband, I thought it's over. Because really I don't know or can even remember any particular group and their music. All seem the same, not only in style, but looks and fashion. But MAMAMOO is so awesome. Outstanding, talented singers and dancers with each their own role/character and style (in their voice/looks/image). Am totally mesmerized by them! Of course there are groups like TWICE and AOA or others who have super catchy songs but sadly to say, that's all there is to it…

  3. Thu Anh Nguyen 10 July, 2020 at 22:41 Reply

    Many of you did not hear Hyori's full answer so you guys might misunderstand her point here. She said herself used to be called "The next somebody" and she thought that comparing an idol to their seniors is already something of the past, because different people have different standards so comparing is pointless. She said if she HAD to choose someone as "The next Lee Hyori", it would be IU, because instead of being sexy or doing things that Hyori did, IU has her own unique style and establishes her position with her own music. So Hyori's idea here is simply that "The next someone" should be who that has their own personality and proves themselves in the industry with their music.
    So please everyone don't compare the two artists. They are both talented and iconic among their own generation and they both respect each other. Especially Hyori, she loves IU and considers her as her own daughter, watch Hyori's Bed and Breakfast and you'll know!
    Please show your love and respect to all artists! Don't prove your love to one idol by bringing the other down! 🙁

  4. Dewi Uaena 10 July, 2020 at 22:41 Reply

    IU have her own legendary title and signature…. she is unique…. I love and respect Lee Hyori as one of the KPOP Legendary Queen but IU have her own journey and now she walks on her own path of her successful because of her hard works… she is already a LEGEND for UAENA….

  5. BaeBae안진아 10 July, 2020 at 22:41 Reply

    I see some comments saying what about BoA a pioneer in the field of K-Pop who made Korean music worldwide. LEE HYORI AND IU ARE more likely as Iconic of K-Pop with the national title. And I don't get the idea of people who keeps saying she's famous than her..

  6. Crazy Blackbird 10 July, 2020 at 22:41 Reply

    c'mon…its this real…its hyuna…she focuses on her music alone w/out dramas and movies…

  7. Pinay Mabuhay 10 July, 2020 at 22:41 Reply

    I don't know much about lee hyori's history in the industry of Kpop or Korean entertainment and just how popular she was during her time era , but I do know a lot about IU and she is very popular in both music and film industry . She is well known and well respected in the Korean entertainment . They are both different in every possible ways. The only thing they have in common or similarity is that Lee Hyori was as popular and an icon legend back in her generation and IU is popular and an icon legend in this new generation which is her generation .

  8. Bomi T-ara Queen Apink Brave Girls Yuna 10 July, 2020 at 22:41 Reply

    when I clicked I'm thinking it's hwasa, because she has that force
    edit – it was IU lol IU amazing too

  9. rod juliano 10 July, 2020 at 22:41 Reply

    I've seen comments like "IU is more popular than Lee Hyori" come on guys think before you speak. Lee hyori is already Lee hyori and IU is already IU ok. Lee hyori is in the first generation of kpop. All of her juniors respect her because she is Lee hyori. And IU will make her own history. God bless😇

  10. Chaengs lion 10 July, 2020 at 22:41 Reply


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