IU Receives Coffee Truck From Cast And Crew Of “Hyori’s Homestay”


IU Receives Coffee Truck From Cast And Crew Of “Hyori’s Homestay”
“Hyori’s Homestay” has nothing but love for their former employee IU! The cast and crew of the show sent a lovely coffee truck to the set of IU’s upcoming drama “My Ahjussi.” On February 22, IU shared some photos of the coffee truck, alongside the caption, “[Lee Hyori] unnie, president [Lee Sang Soon], ‘Hyori’s Homestay’ family, thank you for the surprise. I am so touched…” The first two photos show IU holding up a hot dog and a cup of coffee with the message, “We support you,” written on the sleeve. In the next photo, the signs read, “For Ji Eun, who continues to work hard for [‘My Ahjussi’]! We hold responsibility for the welfare of our employee!” The last photo shows IU standing in front of the coffee truck. The text on the banner reads, “Ji Eun, feel free to visit when you’re done with your drama! – Chairman Lee, president Lee, and ‘Hyori’s Homestay’ staff.” IU worked as an employee in the first season of “Hyori’s Homestay,” where she helped Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon run their homestay on Jeju Island. It’s so great to see them keeping close ties with one another! (1) (2)
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