'Hyori's Bed & Breakfast' achieves new all time high ratings


‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast’ is officially lit!

According to Nielsen Korea on August 7, JTBC ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast’ scored a 7.508% viewer rating nationwide, which was an increase of 0.297% compared to last month’s record of 7.211%. Furthermore, the reality series revealed a steadfast increase of 1.336% apart from the previous broadcast.

In the August 6 episode, Lee Hyori had an open conversation with IU regarding her recent comeback, saying that she felt overwhelmed. She SAID, “It’s good to leave when everyone is applauding. However, I want to step down gradually.”

Singer IU also shared how she came to work as a maid at the bed and breakfast, “I came to work as a maid since I had some time after I finished recording my latest album. I feel like time is moving so fast nowadays.”

Have you been watching ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast’?

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