Go Princess Go Subtitle Indonesia 16 | Promosi Pangeran Edward | 太子妃升职记 HD


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The playboy Zhang Peng escaped from the encirclement of his ex-girlfriends and accidentally fell into the water. After waking up, I found that I not only passed through the millennium, but also became a prince of the dynasty. Countless Zhang Peng, the hunter, cannot accept this fact, but can’t change it. On the one hand, Zhang Wei is coveted by the 3,000-year-old prince of the Prince’s harem. On the one hand, he must not learn how to be in the harem. The most troublesome thing for her is that she is a “Prince”, and she has to go to please the Prince…. Therefore, the daughter, the heart of the man’s heart, has to fall into the battle of Prince, Nine Kings and Zhao Wang in order to protect himself. In the struggle, love and hate, after all the experience, Zhang Hao finally fell in love with Qi Hao, the two gave up everything, returning to the mountains…

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