It’s day 7 on the Top Gear tour with a cool misty morning in Quan Son with Vietnam Motorbike Tours! This is just one of many little towns nestled in beautiful valleys throughout the highlands. Breakfast is in this open area restaurant overlooking the river. And the steel horses we ride are checked over by our faithful support crew. So it’s day seven of our 10 day tour. Nha Trang is also conveniently located close to the Central Highlands, a must for any rider wanting to see the real Vietnam! Ranking in the top five best tours on earth, Vietnam Motorbike Tours from Hanoi to Saigon has been seen on Australian TV series Blokesworld Aust and Cycle Torque TV . Especially today as we seem to thread our way through so many villages and little towns, connected by highways or bumpy back roads. And now another message from our politically incorrect sponsor of Vietnam Motorbike Tours. One thing I haven’t mentioned is the reactions we get from the locals with our bikes. These might be basic cruisers with small engines to meet the road rules, but they sound like much bigger bikes and whenever we ride past heads turn and often jaws drop… this size bike is pretty much never seen in Vietnam so we are the centre of attention wherever we go. Quite a few of the guys have discovered the hidden turbo boost button so here and there the pace picks up. The little engines make for a pile of fun, what with carrying your corner speed and plenty of gear changes to keep the donk on the boil. Dare I say it these little Vietnam Motorbike Tours cruisers are sexy little things. Vietnam Motorbike Tours offers quality fully supported tours on a fleet of motorbikes are perfect for touring Vietnam. The plan for today? Well I’ll just read it from the Vietnam Motorbike Tours website and we’ll see how accurate it was. Ahem. Today we ride through a series of lofty mountain passes through remote valleys and over limestone peaks covered in mysterious bamboo forests close to the Laos border. Today’s ride gives us a sense of what it’s like for many of the more than 50 different ethnic minority groups in Vietnam to live in such mountainous landscape, with most of their food and building materials coming from the immediate vicinity, just as it has done for centuries. After hours of great riding with plenty of stops to admire the scenery and meet the locals, we roll into Mai Chau, a pleasant valley of green rice paddies. It’s very remote so no hotel’s tonight, we’ll be bunking down dormitory style in a traditional homestay. The ride in is spectacular, winding our way through rice paddies. Many said despite all the classy hotels these wooden huts were the hightlight when it came to accommodation. And right on our doorstep are terraced ride fields. A perfect setting for a good feed, then ice cold beers. A real treat after dinner with Vietnam Motorbike Tours, some of the locals show us their traditional dances and like all good music the songs revolved around boy meets girl, romance, and rice harvesting. Next some bamboo torture and the normally hospitable Vietnamese do their best to break our ankles. And damn, the Vietnamese know how to party. The rice wine was flowing and before you know the music is thumping and some line dancing starts up. A great way to finish today’s Vietnam Motorbike Tours adventure in the real Vietnam. Here, we settle into our comfortable, atmospheric lodgings for a peaceful night in the countryside with Vietnam Motorbike Tours. Sounds good. And before I forget, a quick disclaimer. Viewer discretion is advised, this video contains scenes of white people dancing, which most viewers will find very disturbing. You have been warned. Anyway let’s hear what some of our pillion passengers think of the trip so far. Most mornings we ride past countless kids on the way to school and it’s really uplifting to be greeted with cheery smiles and waves early in the morning. If you’ve been following the Vietnam Motorbike Tours series you will know Toby Price is with us, chilling out after his second win in Dakar. He had already broken his wrist only weeks before the event, then Dakar really stuffed it up badly so he’s been in the Vietnam Motorbike Tours Mercedes van the whole trip. He still seems to be enjoying himself though. Impossible to get bored, there’s such a huge variety of roads and terrain here.

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A big thanks to Youtubers Seven Cinematic, Only Free Stock Footage, JW, and The Travelling Dukes who offered their Vietnam drone footage under the Creative Commons License.


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