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Hey guys, come and tell us what’s your plan for 2019 and Vietjet will present you with the best gift to bring you closer to achieving those dreams of yours. Can you believe it?

Loving the selfie with kimono 👘, go straight to Japan!
Don’t want to be single any longer 💑, why not saying hello to Korea.
Want to emerge yourself in the boba tea world 🎉, Taiwan is waiting for you!
Reconnect with your family👨👩👧👦, let’s go to Thailand!

Watch the MV and you’ll see that: it’s never too late, you’re never too old or too unmotivated to travel all around Asia with millions of chances of free flights with

#Vietjet #LoveConnection #FlyForLove
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  1. Knott W 30 June, 2020 at 04:53 Reply

    Such an earworm song! They blasted this to you for hundreds time while boarding. Lovely song by the way.

  2. N. Sz. 30 June, 2020 at 04:53 Reply

    I love music in vietjet 😀
    This song is funny and make you feel laid back and it's important when someone is afraid to fly 😉 and the "Hello Vietnam" song makes you feel relief after landing 😛

  3. congdoan nguyen 30 June, 2020 at 04:53 Reply

    Trang phục của vietjet air rất đẹp, mình thường xuyên là khách hàng của vietjet

  4. Uf Tt 30 June, 2020 at 04:53 Reply


  5. Steven Scott 30 June, 2020 at 04:53 Reply

    Lots of sleazy old white guys who are going to Phuket and they are "Flying for love Flying for love" "Mmmm… tastes so Goood!"

  6. Rick 30 June, 2020 at 04:53 Reply

    I'm from Taiwan,I have been to Vietnam twice and have a great time , and We welcome Vietnamese friends to travel to Taiwan.

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