Du lịch Đài Loan/ How to go Bitoujiao lighthouse


Một địa điểm đẹp cho các bạn du lịch ở đài bắc đài loan. Trong video này là hướng dẫn cách đi cũng như những chi tiết trong chuyến đi của mình và các bạn của mình
This video I gonna show you the detail how to go Bitoujiao trail and share my experience on this trip.
“Bitoujiao Trail” is about 3.5 kilometers in length; it takes about 2 to 3 hours to walk through. It is a thought-provoking hiking route; visitors can walk along the ridge and enjoy the magnificent scenery in all directions. The Bitoujiao trail is a ring-shaped system. It is divided into three sections: “Bitoujiao Lighthouse Trail”, ” Bitoujiao Valley Trail” and ” Bitoujiao Cape Trail”. “Lighthouse Trail” is the main trail, from Bitou elementary school to the Bitoujiao lighthouse; “Valley Trail” goes over the mountain ridge where you can see the corner of the North Eastern Cape from above, it is the most popular tourist attraction with an unrivaled landscape of mountains and the sea; “Cape Trail” offers a rich and varied geological landscape of sea erosion.
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