Coronavirus around the world: March 25, 2020


Here are the biggest COVID-19 stories today from around the world:

Britain’s Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19.

Spain registers more than 700 deaths overnight related to COVID-19, overtaking China’s death toll.

People finally travel back to Hubei, China, the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak, as the province reopens.

A Chinese father designs a “safety pod” for his baby amid the pandemic. Although its effectiveness remains unclear, he claims he has been approached by several people interested in purchasing one.

Workers disinfect around one of the last standing wonders of the ancient world: the Pyramids of Giza.

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  1. Maurice Harting 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    China needs to ban wet markets where these pandemics originate from …
    new pandemics will follow if China does not take action to ban wet
    markets now! The world needs to send China their COVID-19 medical bills
    and death claims!!!!

  2. Peter P 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    Spain and Italy have a disadvantage compared to other countries… They don't hide their numbers. In countries like sweden they no longer do tests or count the real numbers.

  3. Amy Knorr 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    The information needed to absolve the entire underworld system, and to clarify understanding is perceivable.

    The underworld is sabotaging this by using excessive Corona Virus Propaganda to "herd" people, adjusting sensibilities, encouraging dependence in place of self judgment and higher perceiving.

    Once public perception is manipulated into the target position for the underworld, the next step is the assassination of President Donald Trump. Motive: he has had to deal with the investigation and government reports of Amy Knorr everyday since the advent of the Mexican Wall Propaganda. President Donald Trump would involuntarily perceive ideas forcing himself to compensate which would leave a vulnerable angle to the perception goal.

    Third step: War is declared on America after a government official in a foreign country is infected with the Corona Virus and injected with a bad antidote from a medevac, causing death.

    The Botswana botanical warfare research laboratories are utilized for the intentionally prepared "bad batch" of vaccine. One of the crops grown in Hawaii for the drug cartel was needed for the formula, and intentional err was effected by an operative "plant", to accommodate the vaccine. The goal was to create a possible, unintentional "bad batch" of vaccine. The medevac receives donations thus the batch would be hard to trace.

    Please review the reports of: Clare  Grogan, Pamela Courson, Julia Brody.

    The upper crust of the Russian underworld placed the operative "plant" in Hawaii to effect the error.

    The Norwegian / China cross, is actually a doublecross.

    Norway needs Julian Casablancas to take the fall in Hawaii as an operative for the Royal Family Group in the Underworld.

    China needs Amy Knorr to be placed out of commission thus out of communication. The goal is to silence further information and debunk prior reported information from Amy Knorr due to faux charges of "unreliable" due to framework against both her character and mental capacity.

    China covers for Russia. China must believe that America takes the fall for Russia in Hawaii for the Drug Cartel.

    China is being used, double-crossed.

    Norway and Russia worked together on the Botswana botanical warfare research.

    The Royal Family Group must take the fall for the part of Norway.

    China was going to be ejected to take the fall for Russia.

    The Norwegian / Russian underworld cross remains.

    Because Russian underworld activity worked in Pre-patterning, Norway could be framed for all, with Russia disappearing in the background.

    America takes the fall for the secret, independent activity of the Russian upper crust. This includes the African Diamond Racket.

    Because America is not guilty of Russian underworld activity in the Hawaiian Drug Cartel or the African Diamond Racket, the assassination of President Donald Trump could cause retaliation which may be how the War is begun.

    The sites of Amy Knorr's report being used to pinpoint the correct culprit in the orchestration of this set up offer limited scope. Julian Casablancas is the one who is needed to elaborate on this subject enough to ensure a "sharp shooter".

    The upper crust of the Russian underworld may not have always worked through Russia.

    Russia worked through Mongolia for Contraband.

    Russia worked through Venezuela for oil. One customer: Egypt with Citgo Oil.

    John Casablancas may have been working on this before he was murdered in South America circa 2013.

    Russia has infiltration in India.

    It has been said that Makhachkala is the headquarters of the upper crust of the Russian underworld.

    The culprit may solely be a criminal organization.

    My theory: Makhachkala, as stated in a previous email, is actually part of Iran. The Karluks settlement was in a part of India that is today Iran. The first infiltration of India by the bloodlines of Vladimir Putin and Polita Barnes born Peggy Marks, may have been primarily of modern day Iran. Therefore, modern day Iran may have been infiltrated by the Karlukian Russian Dominion since its founding circa 650 A.D.

    Upper crust Russian underworld activity was secret, kept from all other chapters of the underworld.

    I suspect that Iran is one of the chief nations infiltrated solely by the upper crust of the Russian underworld, unbeknownst to Russia itself.

    Reports have been written by Matt Farrow and Karl Wallinger about Saudi Arabia. The upper crust of the Russian underworld used Saudi Arabia for their secret African Diamond Racket's smuggling trail. America having been framed for the diamond racket requires investigation into American activity in Saudi Arabia in relationship to Botswana.

    The source of the assassination attempt would have to come from a region capable of suspecting America for Botswana. This connection may manifest in Saudi Arabia. It may be that Saudi Arabia or Iran could be the location of the national origin of the government official murdered via a bad Corona Virus antidote from a medevac unit.

    The target may be on to information that exposes Russian meddling in the Middle East's affairs over the past millennium.

    The target government official may be Egyptian.

    Russia itself may be using the Middle East as cover for their own plot to pull out of Botswana and the Hawaiian Drug Cartel.

  4. S. Roy 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    World should work together to teach a stern lesson to CCP of China for taking lives of innocent people around the world. This is most imperative to stop China engaging in such misadventures in future. China should be isolated from the world.

  5. Vision of Transcendence 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    Please inform medical workers and doctors to not put the masks on upside down. The part with the bendable wire is to be on top and must be shaped around the nose and the bottom part is to be stretched down under the chin (it expands) so that the softer part is down. The masks are scientifically designed to be used that way due to the physics of the way air moves.
    Vision of Transcendence.

  6. AbdAllah BrainHawk 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.” William Shakespeare
    "A coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once." Tupac Amaru Shakur
    "Your real deathtol is already far up in the millions my scarfed friends." By AbdAllah

  7. Monica Bolognini 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    I m from 🇮🇹 , I think China responsability of this pandemic Is huge. After SARS , their goverment lied again for months , and let It to spread . I m Sorry , but in this Moment I Don t find appropriate to see Happy chinese making Money with the child antivirus nursery , when , this can cause thousants and thousands deads .Nothing to be proud of.

  8. Mike Bohuslav Seligman 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    1:27 If a father walked out with his baby in Europe like that then dumbsters would start pointing and laughing. There's still mask shaming going on, we're doing our best to make this disease the new Spanish flu if not Black Death.

  9. Mac 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    Italy Doctors "they have never seen something like this" "catastrophic emergency" "when the infection curve goes up it rockets and all resources are used up in an instant"
    "all the medical staff urge other nations to see whats happening and lockdown right now"

  10. sugarmilk28 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    People were let into hubai?? If another round of the virus happens CCP better not blame those travelers ….the CCP had enough time to quarantine and test them.

  11. DelToro 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    I'm sorry but China needs to take this as a wake-up call. SARS, MERS, Avian Flu and Coronavirus. No more wet markets. You don't need to eat armadillo, turtles and bats. Stop the Yulin Dog festival. It's not even like you don't have the resources to find other options these things have all been linked to disease and it's mostly rich people who eat these things. The dog festival is disgusting though and Yulin should be burned to the ground. Chinese people hate the dog festival and the market too so I understand not everyone is the same. The government needs to do something.

  12. Audio Production/Music Production Course 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    Very suspicious. Event 201 emulated all these 1 month before the real crisis. And now they try to restrict our rights and raise taxes. Smells it was set up.

  13. Dad Daughter 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    LMAO dont believe China's numbers, they had likely MILLIONS dead. Only anecdotal evidence available, because the regime has lied and obfuscated the whole time. There are over 20million less cell phone users in china today vs a few months ago. Coincidence?

  14. Cr1xus1 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    Charles once said a virus pandemic is needed to control overpopulation ( by deaths) funny how he has the virus now.

  15. The end of the world 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    Holy hell, it is chaos out there, bodies piled up in the streets, funeral homes and cemeteries backed up. This is getting serious OR this is nothing more than lies and fearmongering from the media and a completely useless government. TURN YOUR TELEVISION OFF AND STOP FEEDING THE LIES. Try not to get the flu, have a fantastic day all

  16. MAGA Aaron 10 August, 2020 at 00:19 Reply

    It seems as if all this disinfecting, and pushing of quarantine just isn't working. Cases are unfazed. This pandemic is 99 percent impossible to contain. China and sk are lucky.

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