Contouring the Bore V2.0 with added better footage


Hi, my name is Brian. In this video I show how I bore a complex contour by using incremental steps at different bore depths and then blend it in by hand. The entire length of the turbine wheel is a contour meaning the bore diameter is constantly changing. The only straight bore in the housing is the one that mounts it to the turbo center section. Featured is my 1-1/2″ Kennametal boring bar and my Monarch CBB lathe with Newall DRO. This housing is for a racing turbocharger and it will be subjected to temps over 1500degF and the wheel in it will spin around 150,000rpm. Proper clearance to allow for bearing movement and growth of components is critical. If it is too loose performance is degraded as well.


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  1. bcbloc02 12 July, 2020 at 09:39 Reply

    I do it all the time, machining those contours by hand is a bit of an art form. With the turbine spinning 100k+rpm clearance is super critical so it isn't a trivial task by any means.

  2. donham512 12 July, 2020 at 09:39 Reply

    in my years in my dad's farm shop we never had the guts to go into a turbo like that … my hats off to you

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