BNNY RBBT tour poster box found — 5166 NE 102nd Ave Portland, OR


You won’t believe the research going on right now…

Check out Google Drive fro latest informations!

Calvin audio:

Guys, a great researcher name Calvin make pilgrimage to Portland oregon site on BNNY RBBT tour poster just now. Calvin send to me all pics of what he finding there. A BNNY RBBT box, cassette tape, puzzle piece (i think is), BNNY paper with writing. Calvin will take cassette home to listen and record for us hear what is on there then report back. And hopefully put everything back in same spot so future generation of BNNY RBBT reserachers can also finding it!!!!!

Guys, this is amazing day right now. I am soo soo happy right now!!!

– Boudreaux



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