BNNY RBBT tour poster box found — 10 Lakeside Lane, Denver CO


You won’t believe the research going on right now…

Check out Google Drive fro latest informations!

Researches done by:
– BlanketyBlankBlank
– LocoMule

Cassette tape audio:

Guys actual footage sent to me from BNNY RBBT fans in Denver who go to tour spot from poster (10 Lakeside Lane) and found this. Is little metal box, sheet paper with amazing BNNY writing and little piece thing… and cassette tape.!!! Such a great pilgrimage in Denver guys!!!!!!
(They not have cassette player to play cassette so if you are near to 10 Lakeside Lane, Denver please go to there and listen to what is on tape!!!!)

ok, ciaooooooooooo!



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  1. Jupiter Maroon 9 July, 2020 at 12:59 Reply

    Dammit I was literally getting ready to go to denver and look for something. Congrats on finding it tho!

  2. Ricky Langford 9 July, 2020 at 12:59 Reply

    You know how Bnny Rbbt was taking with his hands, on the first VHS tape (the one of the interview) do you think that could be, sign language, for this code or maybe something built on this code in some way? I'm curious to see if there is any in the music videos. i could be completely off tho.

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