army after watching bts bang bang con live for 24 hours


BTS gave us something to actually look forward to this quarantine with Bang Bang Con! God bless, it was much needed. THANK YOU SO MUCH, IDK WHAT WE DID TO DESERVE IT 😭💜 We were in and out of sleep watching live, and enjoyed every second of it. It’s relaxing listening to them as you enter unconsciousness 🤣

WHAT DID YOU ALL THINK OF BANG BANG CON?! If you watched, what was your favorite part?!

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ANNDDD no one actually reads this far down… random post because we miss you all 💜

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  1. The Mexinese Family 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    📍 funny edit for our familia because we miss you <3 hope you are doing well! we purple you and hope you are rested! what did you all think of bang bang con?!!? 😍💜

  2. Mallak Saleh 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    Wait what is the song name at 2:24??? I keep forgetting their songs names, someone tell me if u know.

  3. jimena 4151 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    BRUH I WAS GROUNDED THAT WEEK AND MY PARENTS TOOK MY PHONE!! 😭😭 I WASN’T ABLE TO WATCH IT!! I’m so sad 😞 Hopefully my parents allow me to watch Bang Bang Con the Live 🤞🏽

  4. Naayela Alam 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    when bang bang con showed the thank you army thing at the very end, i was feeling all sorts of emotions, mainly sad and happy and i didnt know what to do with my life

  5. J Kim 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    Love it! You guys always find perfect BTS clips to include in your reaction videos so I shouldn’t be surprised how well put this video is. 💜💜

  6. Erikcol 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    Omg guys 🤣🤣🤣 your editing is top notch!!! It was so accurate 😅 your videos are the highlight of my days I swear!! Stay safe, have a nice weekend 💜💜💜

  7. Happy Ever After 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    Please watch this "How Kim Namjoon live his life with a 148 IQ" I hope you guys enjoy:) love from Indonesia. And this the link

  8. Ahdiejane Padayao 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply pls react to this . That's xCeleste's BTS Storyline Summary Part 2.

  9. SInNya 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    I subscribed just from watching 2 of your videos this is the quickest I subscribed a YouTube channel 🤪🥰

  10. Sominismyqueen 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    Please react to I’m a flying butterfly it’s 97 liner like seventeen members got7 twice gfriend and more please react to it like if you want them to react to it ?

  11. ma cristina paulo 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    love this edit familia…
    the hardest part though was the ending, post concert syndrome.i cried…

  12. jungkook's EXPOSED TIDDIE in ON 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    Can you guys please post the billboard 2019 reaction u wont get copyrighted…i didnt get to see the live reaction😞😢

  13. heart liz 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    i already watched all the bangbangcon concert before….. ilegalllllyyyyyyy

    btw your edit issss amaaaajinnnnn

  14. Lynich Seang 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    Oh no I was waiting Tuesday to come but now I cannot see your video 😭😢 please re- upload it again.

  15. Suparna Brahma 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    Familia I cannot watch ur latest update.. It says private video… What can I do to watch it.?

  16. DAECHWITA AGUSTD2 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    SM Entertainment also will do CONCERT online , but only on VLIVE and you have to pay per concert US$30 (if I'm not wrong) , So We ( BTSARMY ) it's the most luckiest FANS in the whole world, BigHit give to us FOR FREE for 2 days in a row

  17. Shanis Kim95 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    I survived the first day but the seconds day I just die plus I was in my days you know girls days 😭😭😭😭😭🌺🌸

  18. jungkook's EXPOSED TIDDIE in ON 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    Wait can you guys please post the 2019 billboard reaction…i was sleeping and i couldnt see it please i was wait for you guys to react. To that if not its okay and i loved this edit i was funny💜💜💜💜stay safe….and i lub u guys💜💜💜💜💜

  19. vanessa lee 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    I messed up my sleep schedule way before the concert without even knowing it, im glad i did(´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

  20. G With Love For LT 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    That was sooooo Meeeeee! Sleep, No Sleep! It was so well worth it. The second night I took a nap to get myself ready for the all-nighter, didn't work. I had so much fun.

  21. Jenice Melody 26 June, 2020 at 01:42 Reply

    When BTS kept repeating songs and we don't argue with that, coz' every performance was lit.

    p.s I got a hangover over I NEED U coz' I heard it for 2 straught days hahahahahaha

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