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In this VLOG we share with you how to spend 24 hours in HANOI! Where to get the best BANH MI, how to get a FREE TOUR of Hanoi and highlights of the Weekend Night Market!

We began our day with the search of a big baguette and headed to the best place to find it BAMI BREAD – Bánh mì Hội An in the old quarter, it serves the tastiest Bahn Mi in town! The mix of French and Vietnamese cuisine gave birth to the most delicious sandwich, perfect for a breakfast meal. Their Banh Mi sell out by midday so make sure to get there early! Find them here:

The city of Hanoi offers free tours to tourists looking to get a cultural insight into the city and have a local show them around. Through a special program, Vietnamese students who would like to improve their English offer guided tours and tell you the lovely history of the city! Shout out to our guide Phong, who shared her story with us and made Hanoi extra special!
Find them here:

We then headed to the Ngoc Son Temple to soak in some Vietnamese culture and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Here you can find out the story of the Hoan Kiem Lake and the Turtle Tower.
Price: 30,000VND = 1.20EUR

To replenish our energy we made a stop for the Hanoi specialty – Egg Coffee. Traditionally made of whisked egg yolk, condensed milk, sugar and robusta coffee it quickly became our favourite dessert in Hanoi and other parts of Vietnam!
Best places: CAFE DINH – entrance is through a small alleyway, don’t be deterred what is waiting is the best egg coffee in Hanoi
GIANG CAFE – Family owned cafe in which the recipe and proportions were passed down through several generations

We ended our day in Hanoi’s night market which happens on the weekends. You can buy just about anything there souvenirs, electronics and clothes all for under 10EUR !

We had a blast in Vietnam’s capital, soaked in the culture, met so many friendly and amazing people and tried Hanoi’s delicious specialties! Hanoi should definitely be on everyones must see list in Vietnam!

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